Founders of University

Professor Arthur Gerstenfeld & the late Professor Raphael Njoroge

Professor Arthur Gerstenfeld and the late Professor Njoroge (1939–2014) originators and advancers of idea. Below are their backgrounds, books and contributions toward education and development.

Legal Founder
Attorney Njoroge Kamau
Attorney Njoroge Kamau is as a practicing lawyer in the U.S and in the State of Massachusetts. His law firm is established in Worcester City. (


The Resources to be applied in Diaspora University Town founding and development through Diaspora University Trust.

  1. Master Development Plan (System of Over 50 Plans)
  2. Parent University(
  3. Property Developers (Town House Plan)
  4. County Government Plan & Incentives (Passed May 2015 by Taita Taveta)
  5. Land (At Taita Taveta County)
  6. National Government Incentives (Per Kenya Constitution Rights Article 43)
  7. Design-Build Plan (Infrastructure & Space Delivery Plan)
  8. Energy Plan (Energy Generation & Supply Plan)
  9. Finance Plan (Diaspora Plan & Kenya Banks Plan)


  1. Attorney Njoroge Kamau
  2. Bishop Donald Mwawasi
  3. Dr. Wilson Endege
  4. Ernest Mungai Kamau
  5. Benjamin Mwandaa
  6. Rachael Marura Dawai
  7. Dan Kamau